backchannel: in praise of thoughtful mod actions

Because I can be critical of ham-handed or arbitrary moderation, I want to point out when someone does it well.

CRVL mod rvwandering has been setting the standard for thoughtful moderation lately.  Consider the following examples.

From this post:

I've deleted a few posts because of unnecessary snippiness. Please keep your posts civil so that the thread can stay opened.

Action, gentle reaction.  Guidance about what users should do, and a stated intent to keep the thread open.

and from this post:

I have moved the posts on gray water into another thread - []( Please stay on topic here which is Will's video and advice.

Yes, yes, yes.   Again, guidance about what users should do.  Appropriate splitting off of the subtopic to it’s own thread.   Linking to the new thread.

But wait, there’s more (as they  say on TV):  this is from the newly split off thread:

(Moved by moderator rvwandering from "Street Smart Advice for Beginner City Vehicle Dwellers" thread. Nothing has been changed or deleted so a few out of context comments may be confusing)

Very nicely handled.  Yes, it takes more work.  And yes, it is better for the community.

That, my friends, is what quality moderation looks like.