part timing - lite


The absolute longest I have before I retire is 6.5years and would be financially safe;  that is the likely outcome.  The absolute shortest would be 3 years, is less likely, and would involve a certain degree of uncertainty.

The odds are stacked against the 3 year plan, but a major part of it would be moving FT into the van to save money.  I could save an additional $1000/mo by doing that and would give me an extra 10hrs/week that I currently consume commuting.

The main thing holding me back is my dogs;  I have two large beasts who stay in the yard during the day;  they would need to stay somewhere when I was at work.  Haven’t figured that out yet.

Part-time lite

The past couple of weeks I have been staying in town 2 nights a week.  I’ve been stealth camping Monday and Wednesday nights.  I bring a change of clothes, wash up in the van, cook dinner, everything like normal.  The weather in Dallas has been tolerable but that will change all-too-soon.   :-(

I give the dogs a double portion when I leave and feed them when I get back home.  I might look into a timer-dispenser.

Each night I do this saves 2 hours of commuting, 100 miles of wear/tear, and $10-15 of gas.  Perhaps more importantly, it makes me happy.