Fulltiming while employed?

[This is based on a post on CRVL.  It sat as a draft for a long time.  No longer my current thinking but will publish it anyhow.]

As it happens, I visited an RV park today.    It’s associated with a gun range so you get free range membership.  :-)

If I were to move out of the S&B I’m renting and go full time there in the van until my retirement:

  • my rent/utilities would drop $285

  • my gasoline costs would decrease by $60

  • I would shave 1.5hrs off my daily commute (7.5hrs/week, which is almost a day off).  The drive doesn’t bother me but losing the time hurts.

  • I could keep my dogbuddies there

  • it’s still in a semirural area although only 15mins from work.

My motorcycle is paid off on Sept 1, so the only debt I will have will be the van.  $285 + $60 + the finished bike payment funds would pay for the van note.  Compared to my current cash flow it would feel like a free van.

If I were to do this it’d probably be after the RTR.  Feb?  March?

Food for thought.