discourse: Women’s RTR / Men’s RTR ban

Bob’s video of the RTR schedule has a lively comment section discussing the Women’s RTR.  Most of it is crap (male chauvinism, female SJW victimism) but there are a few reasonable voices.  I’d like to respond to one reasonable  voice here:

First, the comment in its entirety;  I think it was well-presented.


Now my input:

An oppressive person seeks to eliminate actions geared toward empowering minority groups.

An oppressive person seeks to oppress others, regardless of power or minority status.

We will have our women's group, feel free to have a men's group if you think that you are being discriminated against.

Two things:

  1. I never thought a gender specific group was a reaction to discrimination, but rather a gathering-together of people with common interests.  If it is about discrimination then it’s more SJW than I thought.

  2. Men are not allowed to have a Men’s RTR.  Bob forbade it, citing trademark issues.  He even changed the text of a thread that mentioned the idea to remove the word RTR.

Please realize that denying us the opportunity is an oppressive tactic that has been integrated into our culture to keep minority groups trapped and endangered.

The OP was not denying anyone the opportunity;  he was saying he thought it might be illegal on federal land.  I don’t think he is correct, but he is not trying to stop the Women’s RTR.

Many female Vandwellers have experienced rape, abuse, or molestation at the hands of men

Sociopaths of both genders abuse others to get what they want.

Generally speaking, men abuse women to get access to sex without freely-given, unreserved verbal consent.  It’s universally recognized and universally condemned.

Women abuse men to get access to resources without freely-given, unreserved verbal consent.  Free labor, money (even after death or divorce), security services, expertise, etc.

One critical difference is that resources are often awarded by the court, and sex never is.

and have never attended the RTR for that reason.

People are not responsible for the feelings of other people.

This would allow many members of our community an opportunity to connect that they've never had before. It will benefit everyone.

They’ve had the opportunity before;  they haven’t taken the opportunity before.   I am sure it will have benefits.  I am not unaware of the benefits of single-gender activities.

I think most gentlemen would agree that the ladies of our community deserve a safe space.

I’m not sure I know what a safe space is.  And I’m not sure anyone deserves anything.

Thought experiment:  imagine any kind of functional, socially-acceptable sentence that starts this way:  “I think most ladies agree that the gentlemen of our community deserve [fill in the blank]”.  Doesn’t matter what’s in the blank.  Anything at all.

It seems to me that positions like that of the poster (and maybe of the overall Women’s RTR) are overly focused power dynamics and victimhood to their own detriment.  I hope I am wrong.