I hate humidity / oil change

oilf927736ae7b558a61be70b427ff5225a.mediaLast night I was under the Promaster draining the motor oil and installing a Fumoto F106N quick drain valve. I chose the valve:

  1. to simplify future oil changes

  2. to make future oil changes less likely to spill (a hose is attached to the nipple and run into the container)

  3. to make oil analysis samples easier to take

  4. to make small reductions in oil level easier to make, in case of overfill.

I was wearing eye protection and it was so humid out that the glasses were immediately filled with fog.  I couldn’t see.  That was ok because the oil pan and drain plug were simple enough to feel for.

I will not miss the humidity in this part of Texas.  Right now it is 6am, 77F and 94% humidity.  Seriously?  Humidity in Dallas is within 3 percentage points of Portland, OR, fer pete’s sake.

Several years back the [now ex-]wife and I made a road trip to New Mexico in July.  Highs each day were around 100F but it felt delightful, even effervescent.  We were giggly;  it was like a blanked of oppression had been lifted.  Yes, we got nosebleeds after a week of it but a little saline and vaseline in the nose took care of that.