solar setup info

Some calculations scribbled here on my notepad:

Battery bank 

220AH 2x FLA Duracell GC2


70.3AH projected daily consumption.  This would be 103.4AH but 33.1AH is moved to the opportunity circuit.  

52.7AH of this will be overnight use (when no solar charging at all is happening).  Estimating 75% SoC at daybreak.

Panels (parallel)img_20170728_190711

Topoint JTM190-72M

570.0W nominal peak

VOC 43.8V

VMP 36.5V

427.5W derated peak under clear skies (nominal peak x .75)

 85.5W under overcast/rainy skies (derated peak x .20)

 42.8W under very dark, overcast/rainy skies (derated peak x .10) 

 64.1W at sunrise/sunset under clear skies (derated peak  .15)

 12.8W at sunrise/sunset in overcast/rainy skies (derated peak  .03)

 Sunrise/sunset efficiencies taken from this experiment

Charge controller 

Epsolar 4215BN

Rated output 40A

Max voltage 150V

Max wattage for 12v bank 520W (will tolerate overpaneling by moving off Imp)