Tethering a VS415PP on Verizon 3g

I bought a phone flashed with a grandfathered 3g unlimited plan from a private seller, who had in turn bought it from one of the [in]famous eBay device flashers.  This particular device is a Zone 2 (vs415pp).

It came rooted with Wifi Tether Router installed.  Over time WTR started getting flakier and I dorked up the settings.  Eventually I couldn’t get it to work at all.

Finally I cleared the data to reset the app and started from scratch.  I checked out the config instructions but didn’t see the device listed.  I based my experiments on the closest matches, some other VS-series devices that were mentioned.

A spare phone running wifi analyzer provided quick confirmation on whether or not the tether AP was up.

Here is what ended up working for me:

Interface: wlan0Channel: 1
Method:  3 - HostAPDNo 
Firmware reload: [unchecked]
Drivers: nl80211
Android wifi settings / Scanning always available [unchecked]

Not saying that is the only way to make it work but you can use that to get started.  It seemed to work with Firmware reload both checked and unchecked but unchecked took about 30 seconds off the process.