estate sale gear

Picked up a couple more items for my list of gear.  Some of the stuff is new gear I will need, and some is downsized/rightsized/simplified gear that will fit better into a mobile environment.

Trench spade

I wanted a full-size trench spade:

  • full size for less tiring operation (can use feet)

  • “sharpshooter” style has a narrow tip for easier entry into hard surfaces

  • disturbs less surface area when making emergency cat-holes

This spade was $4 on the first day of the estate sale.  It would have been less on later days but it was a bit of a drive, and $4 is fair.


This is the corner of the ‘dwelling mockup.  Don’t know if I’ve discussed it before.  Basically a painter’s tape border demarking the cargo space of a normal E-series / Express cargo van.

Also pictured is a cot I literally found on the side of the road.  I assume it blew out of someone’s truck.


I use a wok frequently for chowing (stir frying) vegetables, rice, etc.  Fried rice is my favorite way to use up small scraps of leftover meat.  I’d been thinking about ways to work around it, since woks are rather large.  I hadn’t considered the possibility of a small wok until I found this one at the estate sale:


This 12” wok was $3 and will need cleaning/seasoning to be useful.  But I’ve got time.  :-)  It is much smaller than my standard wok, which will now go into the donation pile.

thrift store

Later that morning I stopped by the local awesome thrift store.  It benefits the local food pantry and is the place I donate my stuff.

Didn’t see much this time but they did have a small, 12v input (!) amplifed TV antenna.  Right now I don’t have cable and live in BFE too far for unamplified OTA so I watch TV on the web.  Plugged this little booger in and got 6 usable channels and a few more flakey ones where I had zero tunable channels before.  Interesting.