I paid off my credit card debt and now the only money I owe is on my Honda motorcycle.

The amount remaining at this moment is $1666.06 at 4% apr.  That is almost exactly the amount of my monthly snowball ($1600.00) so I could pay it off in January.

But the price on the of my military service credit purchase will increase 10% on Sept 1st.  So I think I will aim the snowballs at the service credit until that is paid back.

Now here’s the weird bit.  I can either pay for the service credit purchase with a check (post-tax funds) or by a rollover from a 401k (pre-tax funds).  Since the state retirement account is a qualified rollover I can effectively pay for my service credit purchase from the 401k.  I already did this once this year when I bought 10 months of military service credit.

So I logged into my 401k site and opted to contribute the snowball each month to the 401k.  I’ll keep it that way until I pay for everything I want to with the 401k, then reassess.  That is probably 3-4 years out.