Eva-Dry 12v adapter output

[caption id=”attachment_1899” align=”alignright” width=”160”][41j242b4rdl-_ac_us160_](https://boondockplan.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/41j242b4rdl-_ac_us160_.jpg) Eva-Dry EDV-1100[/caption]

I’ve been reading about dehumidifiers for RV-sized spaces.  There are many inexpensive peltier-based models out there that differ mainly in wattage and collection tank capacity.  One model, the Eva-dry Edv-1100, was mentioned a few times because it had a 12v adapter available.

It’s fairly priced at $12.95/ea but I wondered if I could just cut the wall wart off the OEM cable and patch it into 12v house power.

My question via the Eva-Dry website contact form:

What is the dc output of the edv-12v? ( [https://www.eva-dry.com/dehumidifiers/edv-12v-power-cord/](https://www.eva-dry.com/dehumidifiers/edv-12v-power-cord/) ) Does it step the voltage down to 9v or does it provide 12v to the dehumidifier?

Eva-Dry quickly answered:

... Thank you for your interest in our brand. It provides 12 volts... Best Regards, [redacted so he doesn't get spammed] Logistical and Customer Service Manager

Kudos to Eva-Dry for a quick and helpful response.