experiment: jekyll static website engine

this is a technical note that will not interest most folks

When I moved virtual servers a few months ago I opted not to move over my existing domain and personal websites. Most of what I was writing was on the blog anyhow.

I got involved in a backchannel conversation about static websites (sites with content precompiled from sources rather than dynamically generated on-the-fly). In the past I’d used orb, a preprocessor that worked well for my needs. When I started looking again I wanted something

  1. that could easily host webpages and blogposts on the same site
  2. required minimal bandwidth (wordpress editing kills me)
  3. was responsive (again, wordpress kills me)
  4. was configurable (wordpress….. you get the picture)
  • jekyll - used by github pages, etc
  • hexo - leverages node.js, which has given me fits on Debian before
  • hugo - looks promising

For the first go-‘round I am playing with jekyll and the minimal mistakes theme. The learning curve is steeper than I expected but I am figuring it out.

I also need to get on the ball and set up TLS certs for the rvwiki and other sites I host. Last time I did that was ~1995 (!) on a Netscape webserver (!!). Haven’t cared much about it and I’m not an “HTTPS everywhere” person for non-sensitive sites as it jams a spike in compression proxies.