snowbird intermission

My usual snowbird pattern is to stay follow 70-75deg F weather moving in shortest-practical distances at 14-day intervals. I haven’t updated recently because I’ve deviated from that approach and am migrating toward north central New Mexico with a new friend. We have a few more days to wander that direction and then will stay in that area for a few weeks. The weather will be about right in the destination area (highs from 60s to 75) and I’ll use the tax refund loot to fund the longer-than-usual drive. Sidenote: I do want to spend time in NM some year to take advantage of the vaunted NM State Park annual pass program, but many/most of their state parks are closed due to Covid. So this year won’t be that experience.

Right now we are camped on outside Safford, AZ with snow-capped Mount Graham (10k ft in elevation, 6320ft prominence above the local area ) in the background:

unintentional selfie[s]; mirror was kicked out for beard-trimming

It’s cold and windy (40mph gusts) today so it will be more of a reading/writing day than a hiking one. The wind will ease tomorrow morning, so maybe we’ll hike a bit before taking off for the next stop on the journey.