confirmed stimulus, [r]efiled

The mail forwarder got around to scanning the mail and, yes, it’s the $600 2nd stimulus check.

This must be happening a lot because taxslayer sent a notice about it:

So I did that, and the expected return was decremented by $600 as one would expect. But I kept getting a “direct deposit does not match my refund amount” error when I tried to refile* even though the amounts did match exactly.

I messed with it a little and found that if I went back to the SUMMARY/PRINT section again instead of just E-FILE it worked as expected. They could save themselves (and the users) a lot of hassle by indicating that in the emailed update above.

*- not really a refile proper, since the efile won’t be transmitted to the IRS until Feb 12. Update of the return held in a batch at Taxslayer is more accurate but somewhat unwieldy.