the 2nd stimulus $600 clown car / fan gearbox

The checking account my 2019 tax refund was sent to was closed because they were dinging me $12/mo. So then we get a 2nd round of stimulus and direct deposit fails.

I watched to see if they’d DD it in my savings account since VA funds DD there; nope.

So I filed my taxes on** Feb 1. Mail forwarder received a paper check today (Feb 5th); apparently the feds mailed out a batch of paper checks on **Feb 2. FFS. Some quick googling suggests this happened to a lot of people.

Now I can’t be sure that check is the $600 stimulus, so I’m paying the $1 scan fee at my forwarder to open it up and scan it for me. Every once in a while I get a paper refund check from the VA for $1.34 or something, which is cheaper to shred than forward. Might not get the scan until Monday, but I’m 95% sure it’s the $600 stim.

But since they will have to physically forward it to me (typically ~$20 fee) I’m going to order a couple small parts and have them delivered to Yuma, too – see below.

If it is the stim I think I can alter my Taxslayer return since it seems they can’t deliver them until Feb 12th anyway. A delay on the $600 won’t break me, but the rest of the return will be about half my operating income for 2021. I really don’t want that delayed.

broken maxxfan motor gearbox

I have a bad habit of forgetting to lower the snorkel cover on the fancy Maxxair 5100K fan before driving off. If I use the remote from the front seat the motor struggles to close the cover because of the upward suction caused by the airflow from the aardvarky windshield.

I’m tall enough to reach the manual cover control knob from the driver’s seat and I did, applying more torque than the little motor does. This snapped the gearbox internals, which appear to be made of papier-mâché or a similarly durable material.

The gearbox is called the “10A20281K-1AF operator mechanism for automatic lift”, and is a different part than the one for plebes with their sad (albeit presumably functional) manual lifters.

The price runs frim $17 to $40 (!). RV Upgrade Store has them for cheap ($12) but will only deliver to the billing address on the card. Grrrr. But that’s my forwarder and now they have to send a package anyway….

Since they are cheap, have flat rate shipping, and will cost a bundle to reship from the forwarder anyhow I ordered two of them.