service scheduled, fresh water found


Called an FCA dealer and will have the recall work (shift linkage) done tomorrow at 0945, allegedly. We’ll see. The OIL CHANGE NEEDED dash illuminated this morning but I already have the stuff for that and I don’t trust them to take the fluid sample correctly (I have sampled and tested every batch so far).

county park

Muffin and I spent the day walking and picking up litter in the county park.  We would have walked in (and cleaned up) the attached arboretum but dogs are not allowed.  Their loss.

Later in the day I finally found a source of fresh water, a spigot in a USE BY RESERVATION ONLY - AREA RESERVED pavilion that was, of course, sitting empty.  If the spigot had been placed about 2.5’ to the south it would have been in the general use area and not in the RESERVED area.  The water fountain 50’ away on the walking trail was turned off, as were all the others.

In a completely unrelated matter, my water tank is full and I notice someone left 10 cents on the pavilion deck near the spigot.