errands and parks in Reno


  1.  pick up amazon package at locker

  2. get T-mobile micro SIM swapped or cut for nano SIM to fit the new phone (they swapped it)

  3. get the shift linkage recall done

Only the recall is left to do.  Will make an effort tomorrow to see if it can be done locally.


Since I’ve been in Reno the past couple of days I’ve been spending most of the daylight hours in local parks walking Muffin and picking up litter with the grabber.  It’s how I “pay” for my use of the local amenities.

There are a couple odd things about parks here.  There are very few drinking fountains and so far ZERO of them have been in operation.  

There are Canada geese everywhere:

So many it’s hard not to step in the (surprisingly large) poop.   I hope they brought their own water since the fountains are out of order…

After a long day of walking Muffin waded in the Truckee deeper than she;s gone before.  She has long legs so the water has to be pretty deep before her chest gets wet. 

After she climbed out of the river we found a goosepoop-free spot of grass in the shade.

wet legs, chest, and belly

The “alert” phase didn’t last long and she flopped over for a nap.