planning next move

The forecast last week lied;  I got one sunny day instead of several.   My eyes prefer overcast days, as they are sensitive to bright lights.  But it’s brutal on solar harvest and I’m not loving the {leans over to check hygrometer} 83% RH.

It’s supposed to be sunny again late Monday, Tues, and Wednesday.  If that’s the case I’d rather be emplaced sucking it up rather than driving.  By Thursday temps will be dropping and clouds increasing in the region.

That’ll work, because right now it’s still hot (upper 80s) in the northern NV area I am shooting for, and in SE OR I’d be traversing:

There are still wildfires 

but more open area between them and the air quality numbers are sane:


The van has a safety recall on it (transmission shift cable).  I’ll check to see if there is a dealer with the part in stock in Coos Bay that can get it done.  Seems like a simple job if the part is in stock:

> You can see and access it from opening the hood. No need for ramps. Mine was still very firmly attached and I could not pull it free by hand. I took that as a good sign and will carry this new bushing kit with me as a spare. Looks like a 10-15 minute job to replace. -- [source](

With any luck I can get the work done by mid-week then start heading SE.  Travelling when it’s overcast will get more power in the batteries than driving in sun and sitting in overcast.  More on this idea later.