walked the main street in Waldport

I camped last night in a pull-out just south of town.   It rained off and on through the night.

I returned to Waldport to walk the “main street” area, as that’s something I like to do in all new towns.  Also lets doggo stretch her legs a bit.   I parked behind the visitor’s center like yesterday - the parking lot edge is about 5’ from the bay, and maybe 5’ higher in elevation:

There is a sign that says:  EXTREMELY HIGH TIDES, NO CAMPING.  I believe it.

Yesterday during a serious rain and brutal wind some guys pulled up in pickups, got out wearing full rain gear, retrieved their saltwater fishing rods AND WENT FISHING on the banks.  This is a different breed here on the coast.

Back to this morning’s walk.  The main street area is rather short and is in fact just a 25mph section of state coastal highway 101.  This shot is taken from the north end looking south, and shows about half of the strip:

It bends to the right down there and goes on a little further.  There is a little (park? parking area?) at the southern that has a pretty good view of the mouth of the bay:

In the distance there are small boats tending float-marked pots;  crab pots, I assume. Some seal (?) heads popped up occasionally;  I wonder if they raid the pots or grab any legs sticking out between the pot wires.


Mostly cloudy, but only a few seconds of rain so far today.  Sun peeks through at times and even at 9am local I am getting little bursts of 125w harvest.


A town of ~2,000 people is not large enough to allow stealth camping;  the wiki article says the city is only 2.77 square miles of land and that seems about right.   I’ll hole up here for a few hours to do some housework.  If the weather deteriorates (ie, no solar yield) I’ll do a bit more driving to the south.