down the coast a bit: Waldport

The overall temperature situation is about the same, and the fire hazards have reduced somewhat:.  My location is about 40% down the coast from the top of this image:

My medium-term desire is to head SW in to Nevada when it is cool enough to do so.   The obvious routes to the SW have wildfires in them still.  I am not so much worried about flames as unwilling to breath brown air if there’s an option not to.

Reno is at 5,000’+ which will make it one of the first places in NV to cool off.  I figure by mid-October it should be about right for me, mid-70s with low humidiy.

Until then, I will poke down the coast, looking for a fire-free opportunity to move inland for some forest boondocking at elevation.


Speaking of forests, today I puttered down to Waldport where the treeline goes right down to the sea.  Not surprising, as wald is German for forest if I remember that far back.

Since rain is scheduled for the next few days I figured I might as well drive a little.  It will get some juice back into the batteries via the alternator.  It only gets them into the high-13s but something is better than nothing.

I’m parked near the (closed) visitor’s center now in the rain and deep gray overcast.  Averaging ~ 125w from the solar (22% of panel rating) though when the overcast gets  brighter it spikes to  192w, (32%  panel rating).

I’ll try to find a spot to stealth overnight before moving on, but I get the spidey snse Waldport isn’t van-friendly.