flashback: Review: Glion Dolly commuting scooter

there are 30 (!) unpublished drafts I need to post.  I will try to remember to use the “flashback” prefix.

The scooter works well, folding neatly, charging off the van’s solar, and exploring new places.

I bought this scooter from Glion.

I have the most recent version, the 225. This model has added the rear light, rear fender "scuffer" brake and a bit of front suspension. I got it as a refurb with the normal warranty -- it looks like it was new with maybe some factory testing. Easy way to save $100. The scoot is 100% functional. Throttle response is immediate and linear. Braking is linear, too, allowing one to dial in the desired amount of braking. (but see CONs below) The headlight is perfectly usable at night. I planned on adding a helmet lamp but it's not needed. I notice that it's easy to bump out of position in storage so perhaps folks complaining of a weak light are experiencing a light that's been bumped out of correct position. The handlebar height adjustment is positive and solid. I suspect that people who report height drops didn't have the stem locked into one of the three detent positions -- can't make things foolproof. Bottom line: maybe earlier versions had weirdnesses. Maybe people have no two-wheeler experience, therefore twist throttles are new to them. Don't know. MY USE CASE I travel in a campervan and use the scooter for exploring new cities; this use case is very similar to commuting. I ride it around to explore, and fold it up and bring it into cafes for coffee, lunch, whatever. The furthest I have ridden is about 10 miles and had a bar left. The battery has more life in it than I have desire to scoot around a city (I am in my 50s and weigh 210#). The upright storage also makes it fit in great into my limited campervan space. PRO * foldy /standy / draggy cleverness * adjustable stem height * excellent documentation * solid and high quality build. Adult aesthetics, very clean. * honeycomb tires - I gleefully ride through stickers and broken glass. Woot! * tiny bit of front suspension *does* make a difference, though we should be using our knees, right? * rear wheel drive gives the scooter a bit more range than it would otherwise have: As with electric bikes, driven wheels on FWD models waste power because the drive wheel isn't always pointed in the direction of travel. (side-to-side play/wobbles are directing power off the intended line) CON * yes, solid tires ride rough. The honeycombing does make a difference. Bend your knees to absorb shock! I also wear sneakers instead of hard soles when I ride to help absorb shocks. Paying attention to the riding surface, shifting weight, etc, can really help. * I do not like the electronic brake. It's very good for what it is but I don't think it should BE what it is. My objection is that e-brakes consume battery, and battery is the most precious commodity on an electric scooter. I would have paid another $50 or so for a model with a normal mechanical rear disc brake. To avoid using the e-brake very much I "hypermile", not overusing throttle and coasting to stops. I also dabble with the rear fender brake though I don't like having my foot in that position. * I would like a slightly larger footboard. It's not *cramped* but another couple inches of width would make transitions easier. * the kickstand works but it a little short. Another 1/4 to 1/2" (?) would help it stand more upright and feel more stable. The kickstand is also a bit tricky to find with the foot without looking. A longer or wider footpad on it would make it easier to catch with your shoe. * the motor hums more at low RPM than most other brushless scooters. It's not loud (and sounds kinda Star Trek cool) but dogs notice it when I ride by. Other scoots I have rented were very nearly silent. I think this is the best commuting / urban exploration scooter on the market. If I didn't need the clever standing/portability functions I think the Xiaomi 365 with a honeycomb tire upgrade be my choice, due to longer battery life, bluetooth connectivity/configuration, and cruise control.