WTF is that smell

Immediately after arriving in this NF I started smelling a weird, pungent odor.  it wasn’t entirely unpleasant, but rather sharp and not ignorable.  The closest analogs sound terrible but overall it’s really not that bad.  From major to minor components:

  1. creosote, like 80%

  2. small animal urine, maybe gerbil or hamster

  3. ripe/piercing body odor from someone who hasn’t washed in weeks

  4. tiny animal decay, like a fieldmouse

It seemed to come from under the van.  Did I hit something?  Did the fieldmouse from Idaho I trapped leave behind a nest of babies?

It turns out the smell comes from a tiny plant.  Maybe 4” tall, woody, with a little sequin-sized flower on top.

I tried to take a picture of them but you-know-who photobombed the attempt:

Very strange.   They are surprisingly smelly given their size and mass.  I do not recommend them for your home garden.