misc - data, heat, water

update: data back online. The online checker script (see below) worked as intended.


Data has gone from bad to nonexistant. I’ve been trying to edit this for several hours when I have intermittent connectivity. One of the downsides of sunsetting 2G and 3G data is we can no longer get snail-speed fallback. It’s 4G/5G or nothing (my plan only has 4g, as does the router and both phones). For troubleshooting I set the router to allow other-than-4G and I can see it connecting to 2g/3g every once in a while. One benefit of the outage is most everyone left, even those with visible cell pboosting antennas.

Damage control:

  • I set up Thunderbird for POP3 email access, which should allow me to get email in/out when the tower comes up. I have it set up to d/l only headers; this is surprisingly effective. Surprisingly, Tbird no longer has an option to download only the last X days of mail, something which has been a feature in mail clients since the 90s.
  • I already had web images turned off in firefox with the Fast Image Blocker extension.
  • mosh saves the day, as always
  • I’m writing this offline
  • I wrote a scriptlet that checks for connectivity and uploads any pending post text. This won’t autopublish, but will at least move the posts to the server.

every challenge is a business opportunity

Someone with a Starlink connection and configurable router might sell off their excess bandwidth

  • $2/day for low bandwidth (enforced by QOS) so people could do email, etc.
  • $6/day for high handwidth for folks who want netflix


The worst of the heat seems to be over in this area. Nothing in the 10d forecast looks that high. I’ll probably stay at 10k until I run out of provisions then make an early morning run to SF and then back to Los Alamos, or maybe Taos.

To prepare for the spike I moved to the west treeline; this gives nice shade in the afternoon but means I have to get solar harvest in by 1pm. It’s worked so far.


Endless water continues to be a blessing. I scrubbed the dog bowls, did some laundry in a bucket, etc.

A bit of rain today, and in the forecast. One nice thing about being in a ski area is everything is either paved or gravel. No chance of getting stuck if the rains get heavy, which I have to think about in Los Alamos or Taos.

daily cardio

Walked about 3/4 the way up to the ski peak. It was very steep, which I guess makes sense for people who want to slide downhill….. Still had some breath left but the sun was going down. I have pics of the view and will update this when I get data to do so.