relo to higher up, another water challenge, Muffin gets a bath

back to Santa Fe for reprovisioning

The heat was getting unpleasant, even at 8,200ft. So I waited until sundown when temps dropped and made the run back to Santa Fe. Firework explosions everywhere from July 4th celebrations.

I hit the superwalmart for basic reprovisioning.

another locked spigot

Pulled up at the gas station where I used to be able to simultaneously gas up and take on water. The spigot was locked. :-( I went to a kiosk and took on ~20 gallons. The cost wasn’t excessive but it’s much slower than filling with a spigot.

shower and departure the next morning

Stealthed near the gym and took a nice shower. I soaked long enough to let the nailbrush get the dirt out of all the crannies. D/L’ed my pending media.

Before driving off I was walking Muffin and noticed a small tree with red blobs in it. Hmmm. Smelled, squished, tasted: they were semi-sweet cherries. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cherries on the tree before.

camping at 10,000ft

I’d read about a site at 10,000ft outside Sante Fe, so I headed that way. It’s the parking area for a ski area which is open for camping in summer. Temps ~10deg F lower than in Los Alamos.

[edit: the infrastructure of the ski lift is visible in this pic]

Zero Verizon, intermittent 1 bar of T-MO. So no pics on this post because I can’t upload anything.

[edit: next day I got signal on a hike. Uploaded pics and will inject them here. ]



There are several creeks so I lugged a few gallons of water back to the van. I used it to give Muffin a bath, her first one in about a year.


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