daily cardio - Winsor Trail, sausage biscuits


Got up this morning and it was chilly enough that I wore long pants for the first time in recent memory. :-)

I’d made more jumbo biscuits in the sandwich grill and pressed the leftovers into service (LOL) this morning for breakfast. I cut up half a chub of walmart sausage into patties and cooked them over the mini lab hotplate. Since the hotplate and pan were already hot I went ahead and cooked the other half (crumbled) for use in future egg-and-sausage burritos.

I didn’t time it but I probably ran it for 40 minutes total. So maybe 200Wh.

walking the dog

My army-injured ankle was troublesome enough that I took the aluminum cane with me. This turns out to have been wise.

Winsor trail


The ski lodge is nearby and it looked like one of the trails might overlook it. So Muffin and I headed up.

It did overlook it, or would if the tree cover weren’t so thick. There was one spot where you could see part of the roof. We kept walking.

After maybe 45 minutes of climbing we came to a saddle that appear to be the demarcation between the Santa Fe NF and the Pecos wilderness area. I decided to turn back at that point, after considering my water bottle level, energy/coordination, likely amount of breakfast calories in the tank, rising morning temps, and being solo. The GPS data suggested the walk so far was about 0.7mi and +450ft of rise. Doesn’t sound like much but it started at 10,000ft where O2 levels aren’t forgiving.

As I broke out of the forest into the parking area I noticed that the ski lift right-of-way and ski downhill lanes were clearly visible on the hill to the SE.


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