solar snapshot, battery costs

solar data

I wrote this elsewhere but thought I’d share it here:

As of 10:59am local time, the panels have made 790Wh today (244.72w at the moment. It should level off as charging current decreases and I shut down the laptop for the day.

By 11:25a when I am writing this blog post the panels are only making 208w;  60w for the batteries and 148w for loads.

Update:  by sundown the system made 1,950Wh.

Battery costs

I was whining lamenting about the relatively low cycle rating my Duracell/Deka CG-10 batts have (~1200 @ 20% DoD).  So I decided to do the math.

I’ve had the batts in service for 665 days.

$228.51 ($206.98 for the two 6v batts, plus $21.53 theft tax.)  / 665 = 34.4 cents / day if they keeled over dead tomorrow.  And since they are Absorping down to a healthy endAmps == C/125 it appears they have a ways to go.

My goal for them is 2000 cycles (~5.5 years), which would be 11.4 cents/day.   I’ll check back with you on Friday, March 15, 2024.  :-)

At that time I might do a DIY 100Ah LiFePO4 build, or replace this bank with Trojan T-105s.   If battleborn still exists at that time I might even consider that.