Boise national forest

This spot in Boise NF is on the way to Boise from Twin Falls.  There are relatively few trees in this forest;  I’ve seen about a dozen and most are in this campground.


I was waiting on the Amazon package to show up in TF today, so got up, staged near the library to leverage the wifi and walk the beast:

while we were walking in the park a fellow had the maintenance access to the community bandshell open:

I love secret places and tried to talk my way in, but the worker bee wasn’t taking the bait.  I get it.

Didn’t really need to do laundry, but I had enough for a load and the highly-rated local ‘mat had good wifi.  Updated and downloaded everything that needed it.

The GNC where the Amazon pkg was to be delivered was near the bridge, so we moved there and walked some more.   I heard that GNC declared bankruptcy, which might put a crimp in my ability to RX packages.  Maybe Amazon will find another partner.

Muffin loves edges, but I couldn’t get a pic of her toeing the edge this time;  she came back before I could get the phone open:

People were preparing to base jump from the bridge, cliffs, or whatever.  Got notification that the pkg was in so we went to grab it.  Filled up the gas tank ($2.15), then headed out of town.  Forgot to fill my gallon stove jug.  :-(  That’s ok, I have a spare gallon of unleaded in an old Coleman fuel canister.

back to the NF

There is a Dam nearby, according to the FR name.  Hopefully there are not many bugs.  Don’t see any yet.

The lack of trees doesn’t bother me.  My batteries have been suffering poor charging for days and I need full sunlight.  I am a little worried it might get windy.  We will see.

I have 3 bars of Verizon, 3 ATT, and full pull on T-MO.   I saw an RV about a half mile away.