field mouse

I picked up a field mouse in the Twin Springs area.  I saw some of them running around on the ground.   About the size of a domestic mouse, but more intelligent-acting and with a furred, tuft-ended tail like a gerbil.

not actual sizeThe easiest way in would be to jump about 10” up to the stepstool, then another 10” into the van.  Good job, buddy, but ya gotta go.

Walmart didn’t have the normal metal ”cheese pedal” ones like this:

and only had this bit of heresy:

The holding mechanism is iffy at best.  One could not be set at all.  The second one in the package could be set with only a few false positive snaps. I placed the trap and caught the mouse within an hour. BN:  I've used this style before in rat traps and they worked fine.  Never used the mouse sized one: [![](,300_.jpg)](