laptop cooling update

The thermal paste fix has made a huge difference.  I played Minecraft in 92F ambient the other day (hottest day in Twin Springs just before I bailed).  No issues.

Normally I use the chromebook because of the low power consumption, but I’m getting such good sun here in Boise NF that I am running the laptop this morning.  This means I can do some extra stuff: 

  • Minecraft (technically ruins on the Chromie, just not well)

  • Calibre, the ebook management software I use with the Kindle

  • chirp, to load Boise freqs into the UV-5R.  (USB charging setup from Amazon works fine, btw)

Interesting note about the laptop’s innards;  the CPU fan does not sit on the CPU.  The fan is mounted on a solid piece of heavy copper that runs several inches over to the CPU.  About the thickness of a squished pencil.