hot shower, hot laptop

hot shower


  1.  I have copious amounts of water here, and

  2. the weekenders left

I decided to take a hot shower.   I put a couple gallons in the solar shower bag and left in the sun for a few hours.  The water was actually a little too hot for comfort, but there was a brisk breeze that was a bit chilly.

The actual shower took about 3/4gal;  after I finished the formal showering I just stood there and let the rest run over me.  Small pleasures!

hot laptop

My daily driver laptop is a previous-generation refurb Chromebook, which I use because its power consumption is laughably low at 16w.  But I also have a real laptop (debian linux) for heavy lifting, compiling, media editing and playing Minecraft.  It’s an old business-class Dell Latitude which apparently cost $4,000 when new.  I bought it off eBay for $120 shipped, IIRC, and doubled RAM to 16BG.  Also slipped in a half-gig SSD drive a couple year ago.

It’s a beast, but tends to overheat and shut down when used hard at ambient temps above 77F.  I did some reading and it appears the thermal paste between the CPU and cooling gear was substandard and/or poorly applied.  Since it’s not my main PC I basically just avoided the issue, but I did order some well-reviewed thermal paste off Amazon.

Today I finally pulled the cover off, removed the old paste and applied the new.  I stress-tested with Minecraft at 78F and it didn’t get squirrelly, so hopefully it’s fixed.   I have some CBSRMT tapes I want to digitize and edit, which will push the CPU around a bit.  We’ll see.