stealthing in Provo

Yesterday was a little stressful.

I left Beaver and headed toward Richfield to reprovision.  On the way I saw Butch Cassidy’s cabin:

Nice little display.  You can enter the buildings, no litter, vault toilet and dumpster in the parking lot.

Just up the road from there a large tom turkey shuffled  across the road.

Tried to find a camping spot in the Nebo area;  many forest offshoot roads were closed, maybe due to sloppy conditions from snow meltoff.  There were a couple spots I found but none had data connectivity.   I used up a 1/3rd tank of gas driving through the mountains:

Ended up stealth camping in Provo.  Dog and I did some park walking and litter pickup.  Provo is right at the base of a mountain:

Don’t know if I will push on to SLC or stay here a bit.  Going to walk the downtown area today, I think.