mail forwarding delay knock-on effects

I was scheduled to move on from the Cedar City area today (hitting the 14day limit).  So last week I asked the mail forwarder to bundle and send my mail - this would put the mail at the local USPS (general delivery) on the day of my relocation/reprovisioning.  Win-win.

Normally the bundle would go out with that day’s mail, but in this case it got delayed about 1.5 days.  Then USPS tracking wasn’t showing it was picked up at all.

Then USPS tracking blew up completely:

I moved from my previous campsite last night, but staying in the Cedar City area (so I can collect the mail) means I could be fined for noncompliance with the 25mi relocation minimum.   Not worried about enforcement proper, but I do prefer to stay in alignment with use guidelines for our shared lands.

I emailed the forwarder to verify it really mailed.  If it did and tracking remains uninformative I’ll check in at the Post Office on Thursday.