mail delay, weekend moves, and weekenders

I emailed the mail forwarder to ask if the package actually shipped.   Quite coincidentally, tracking started working and the package showed up at the local USPS that evening.

Delivery of the package is scheduled for Friday.  That is suboptimal because moving on the weekends puts one in competition with weekenderspeople who recreationally camp only on the weekends.

weekender culture

It’s far from a hard rule, but there do tend to be cultural differences between full-timers and weekenders.   The latter are more likely to be partying, trash-flinging, aggressive-driving, music-blasting types.   I do understand the incentives:  full-timers have skin in the game and weekenders largely do not.

Example from this weekend:

Over the weekend I walked the dog through the developed camping area with trash bags and a grabber pole. One spot was occupied by a big trailer, lots of OHV blasting around (watch out!), groaning generator, and what one hopes was more than one family's worth of feral children. There were ketchup-slathered paper plates, Big Gulp cups, etc, blowing out of their camp. I grabbed all I could as it blew across the road. Monday morning after the **weekenders** left I made another pass to pick up trash. Garbage everywhere, hard seltzer cans, zip strips, cardboard boxes, snack remnants. Most impressively, our friends had left a giant wadded-up "outdoor rug" in the campsite. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2560"]![]( pic taken after I picked up 3 grocery bags of trash[/caption] They had draped it over the firepit, which was also full of trash ![]( Included in the trash was an Amazon package delivered to a single-family home **in the nearby town**. I picked up credit card receipts in the area with the same name on them.