july, and a long weekend

Google says I was here in July:

Screenshot_2019-08-09 Timeline

Looks right to me.  I like the Ruidoso area as well Cloudcroft (near Alamagordo) but Ruidoso is a longer drive.

Right now I am outside Cloudcroft in a prime spot on the tip-top of a ridge.  I’ve been trying to get into it since I’ve been coming up here, but it’s popular and is usually occupied.  Last time I drove through there was a car “holding the place” and the campers didn’t arrive until the next day.   :-(

long weekend

Oops, prematurely hit the Publish button.

I mentioned my office’s transition to a 4x10 schedule earlier.  We have on average 3 days off a week, but sometimes 2 or 4.   I’m on one of those 4-day weekends right now.

I really needed it.