boondocking during the ELP shooting

I was escaping the ELP heat by camping in the forest outside Cloudcroft when the walmart shooting went down.  I have three SIMs  (tmo + verizon + att) and none had signal.  I was blissfully unaware.

This kind of crime is not an El Paso thing;  we are a chill people, comfortable with and respectful to others.  I’ve said before that the US would be better off if we were all like El Paso.

I was shocked, shocked to learn the shooter was a white guy from out of town, equipped with an assault rifle♦, a MAGA fetish, and a racist manifesto.  #notshocked.

In the past decade, [73.3 per cent of all extremist-related killings in the US were committed by right-wing domestic extremists.]( Some 23.4 per cent were linked to Islamic extremism. ... Every terrorist murder in the US [in 2018] was linked to right-wing extremism

Remember that next time politicians start braying “enemy of the people” agitprop.


  • ELP is something like 85% Hispanic, and those are just the residents.

  • ELP is very safe.

  • The border and the ELP/Ciudad Juarez communites are fluid to us;  we move back and forth smoothly and peacefully.

  • The “border problem” with asylum seekers is a federal issue, not a local issue.  El Pasoans tend to take care of each other, and anyone else in need.

  • Extremists, both religious and political, are detrimental to the health of our republic.

Use your words, America, not violence.

♦  Assault rifles are not the problem;  they are inanimate tools. It does seem that tacticool paramilitary-wannabe loons are drawn to them for the power they represent.  Hence their overrepresentation in mass shootings.