the clowns keep coming

Yet another racist loon (infowars, flouride, etc) drives hundreds of miles to instigate sh!t in El Paso.

Next stop for him (not joking) a Proud Boys rally in Portland.

I was interviewed by a NYT reporter on Wednesday during the lastest fiaso insult presidential visit.  I told him perhaps the wall we need down here is one around El Paso to keep right wing terrorists out.

[edited to add the link;  I hadn’t looked before to see if they had published anything from it.  They judiciously picked my most calm statement, leaving aside more critical statements.  :-) ]

A note to those who intend to threaten the gentle, open people of the borderlands:  do not mistake our kindness for weakness.

As for me:  I’ve been complacent, carrying only .380 for the last few years for reasons of comfort and convenience.  Due to the demonstrated threat from extremists I have returned to carrying 9mm+P.