Here is a pic of the birds gathering to eat the bread I mentioned earlier:

Starlings first, then pigeons and doves came for the crumbs.  I did not do any St Francis -style preaching as they didn’t seem very attentive.

On sunday I did a course on animal (dog, primarily) handling at the shelter.  Didn’t take any pics of the dogs involved in the practicum because

  1.  I think I’ve shown them before

  2. I had my hands literally full

At this shelter there are two grades of dog-facing volunteer, “white shirt” (newbie), and “blue shirt” (animal handler).  There is also a “red shirt” track for volunteers who work with potential adopters that come in.  I’d rather be on the poop-scooping side than the people-talking side.  :-)  Talking to people is stress-inducing for me and being around animals is stress-relieving for me.