I have a weekend!

I had to work last weekend so I am catching up on housekeeping this one:

  • got the TPMS sensors changed out in all five tires.  3 were damaged in the Big Bend incident, and rebuild kits are hard to find for the OEM ones.  I replaced them with some plain jane ones whose rebuilds are both plentiful and cheap ($2/ea).   I can start up some more roadtrips now.

  • Oil change light came on so i need to do that soon.  Bought 2 more oil test kits, one for this oil change and one after a trans service I will do early next year.  The last two engine oil assays were excellent, but if something starts to die I want to know it during the warranty period.  It’s up in late 2019.

  • Got the MythTV DVR software set up.  I’ll make a separate post about that.

  • watered the batteries.  They took a sane and equal amount in each cell.   Also found my missing flip-flop, which had fallen behind the battery bank.

  • fed some stale bread to the birds.

  • got rid of some stuff I had packed in the van:  a sieve, some paper plate holders, etc.  Donated to the local thrift.

  • dug out the old Note 2 I had in the spares bin.   Setting it up as a wifi-only phone I can carry around, drop,, get wet, lose, and not get upset about.

  • got scheduled for an “animal handler” class at the animal rescue on Sunday.  The only new access I care about is the ability to walk the animals outside.  And training is always good.