the past

When I was small One of my grandfather-figures1 smoked a pipe and I thought it was the best thing ever. Smelled great, all that tinkering and esoteric knowledge. My sister and I used to beg him fire up the pipe.

A bunch of us in the Army played with cob pipes from the PX but it didn’t stick. After the army I went to college and picked up a Sasieni2 from a local tobacconist and tried on and off.

the present

When I went fulltime in the campervan in 2018 I decided to try again. I didn’t/don’t have a lot of extra funds so my rotation is based on

  • estate pipes3
  • some new budget-friendly pipes
    • Missouri Meerschaum cobs
    • eastern European fruitwood, like the Mr. Brog no. 52 Scoot and no. 21 Old Army.
    • a Morgan “Bones” short poker


I prefer straight pipes as they are easier for me to clean. I prefer short, lightweight pipes as they are easier to clench.4

I prefer relatively short smokes (<=1hr) instead of 2-3hr bowls,.

1 maternal step-grandfather
2 I remember it as Sasieni, though in retrospect a Savinelli seems more likely.
3 pipespeak for used pipes.
4 hold between the teeth