vandwellers need compact hobbies that don’t cost a lot. :-)

DIY pinning mat

I am a beginner. These are locks I intended to pick, are picking, or have picked. I try to find them used on Amazon to save money. I use SouthOrd (“Southern Ordnance”) pics with couple Peterson pics/tensioners, most of it sourced from LockPickShop.

Belt level refers to the /r/lockpicking ranking. HLP refers to HelpfulLockpicker‘s progressive lock list for beginners. Locks may have variation in names due to color, hasp size, etc. Example: the American 1100 is can be seen as 1106B, where B is blue.

white belt

  • Cutaway or transparent lock – white belt, HLP 1
    • qwikset keyway kik- owned/picked
    • schlage keyway mortise – owned
  • Master #3 – HLP 2. Owned/picked

yellow belt

orange belt

  • Master 570 – orange belt, HLP 5
  • Master 150D - owned/picked

green belt

blue belt

purple belt

brown belt

red belt

black belt


  • unidentifed Kwikset mortise. Owned/picked
  • unidentified Fulton file cabinet lock. Owned/picked. Cylinder unscrews from lock to release locking pin.
  • Master receiver hitch lock – owned/picked (no pic so it didn’t happen…) – no rating, presumed level 2 based on lockpickinglawyer’s video
  • Chinese 40mm laminated steel lock. Picked