backchannel: portable panels instead of mounted

[from this reddit thread]

OP has mounted 200w of framed panel at the bottom of a roof basket where they will be partially shaded no matter where the sun is. Unforced error.

Oh dang, if you hadn’t bought those already, you might consider a mobile panel: they come in various wattages, have built in mppt charge controllers and can be placed in direct sunlight for max efficiency.

Built-in MPPT are a terrible idea. MPPT and DC-DC chargers should be mounted as closed to the battery bank as practical in order to minimize voltage sag between the controller and bank.

And watch them get stolen when you park your car

He has a roof rack. What’s to stop thieves from stealing shit off there as well?

Bolts, accessibility. Mounted panel theft is exceedingly rare.

it would be nice to leave the panels connected to the batteries when you’re parked for long periods

Hence mounted panels.

And it’s far less likely that some a-hole’s loose dog will piss on them up there.

If you want to charge while your driving, might I suggest installing a DC-DC charger?

There are certainly cases where DC-DC is mandatory (or just preferable) but a combiner is often sufficient. Even for charging LiFePO4.

Update: nevermind, OP has a Bluetti PS54, which appears to be an earlier version of what is now the EB55.