van cooking: matzo ball soup

comfort food

Back in Santa Fe I’d picked up a couple boxes of Streit’s matzo ball mix for $0.50 each. Woot!

Finally got around to making some. The package contains two packets, and I made one of them. Requires two eggs and some resting time after mixing.

After the resting period it’s shaped into balls and plopped into boiling water. Simmer for 30mins. Poured off the water and let it cook before putting it in Muffin’s water bowl. This particular kit didn’t come with the soup base so I used some paste-type soup base (also from the clearance rack) to make 2c of broth.

I didn’t grow up with it but I find matzo ball soup comforting.

resource intensive

This one requires boiling water at least 5c of water, simmering for 30mins, then boiling another 2c water for the soup base. Definitely not suitable for when is running low on water or electricity.

I didn’t measure the Wh (sorry!); that’s what inspired this blog post. I was watching the wattage during the boil and simmer, adjusted by triac. From beginning to end I think it took ~380Wh.