reprovisioning in Los Alamos

I’ve been boondocking for 3 weeks in Oppenheimerland and I was starting to run low on food and water. I was hoping to push it another week since my General Delivery is on the way, but the bare pantry was making meal planning a little repetitive. Beans and rice. Rice and beans.

Got up at 5am, tossed garbage and slurped water at the local Smith’s station, then made a big food run at the adjacent Smith’s grocery. The bill, $133.78, was higher than usual but I am usually buying in two-week increments. Adjusted for the month it’s still under my $200 grocery budget.

There were some meat and cheese close-outs so I ended up with more of those than usual. The Alpicool C20 is stuffed to the gills. I had to plan dinner based on what wouldn’t fit.1 I’ll focus on cooking out of the fridge for the next few days to make a little space.

Edited to addd: the GD will arrive Friday, and I will likely pick it up Monday the 24th. Since water is confirmed at the gas station (and there is a chance of rain later this week) I might be a bit looser with my water consumption. A couple showers, maybe Muffin will get a bath, etc.

  1. pork and vegetable pot stickers, for the curious