small relo, another solar test thwarted

micro relo

I would have moved further, but a logistical mistake on my part means a General Delivery package to the local PO is delayed.

Luckily on one of my hikes1 with Muffin I spotted a site that could have improved solar harvest AND comfort.

solar test

The new spot has an E/W treeline, but the trees are tall enough that the mid-day sun throws shade the van can hide under. If I placed the van correctly it should get full sun until ~11am. That should give the mounted array enough time to do the heavy lifting. After 11am it’s shaded or mostly shaded the rest of the day.

The portables have a spot where I think they will have full sun all day. They’d been averaging 500Wh/day which one notable foray to 850Wh. I’d like to see it get 1kWh/day at this new spot.

But it will all have to wait. It has been 100% overcast since I set up here yesterday. Boo! The upside is I caught ~5gal of rainwater overnight.

Update: still 100% overcast but finished Absorption at 1438.

Update Jun 12: first sunny day in the new site. Getting good solar, the question is how much shade will I get in the hot afternoon. Yesterday had a bit of precip, got 1 more gallon of rainwater.

  1. ok, these days it’s more of a slow clomping