NSFW: Muffin ODs on MJ again

It happened again; Muffin got into some THC in the environment and overdosed. Reminder: THC is toxic to dogs.


Normally Muffin wants to come in and go to bed when the sun starts to go down. Last night she was hunkered under a nearby tree and didn’t want to come in.

Fine. I gave her another half-hour and called her again; no go. I went over to her to get her up and she didn’t want to stand. I thought she might be injured or snakebit.

She did get up and get in the van, but I was watching my path with a headlamp rather than watching her.

altered behavior

Inside she seemed scared of getting up into bed. It took three starts and me patting her on the back legs to get her up.

When she was on the bed she stumbled a bit and basically collaposed ungracefully into her favorite early evening spot at the foot of the bed. I was worried and moved over to her. She jerked her head back as if she was seeing something scary. Oh oh, I’ve seen this before.

I touched her and she jerked away in an uncontrolled manner with each stiumlus. Confirmed.

She laid there with her eyes open, not moving unless I moved.

Later in the night she staggered over to her favorite late-night position, up against my left side. She didn’t move until ~8am.


This morning she wqas back to 95%, just a little jerky when changing directions or turning to look at something. I suspect she ingested less THC this time since the symptoms weren’t quite as bad, and she retained bladder control this time.

It’s ~noon now and she’s back to 100%.

suspected source of the THC

I warned you this was going to be NSFW…

We relocated yesterday. On one of our walks we saw a primo spot that has been occupied every year I’ve been to SFE. Further from the gate so less traffic, More shade and more privacy than in most places in this NF+BLM area.

The main problem with the site is due to its desirability and overuse it’s had a good share of ground-pooping casuals. I gloved up and picked up the TP, maxipads, and other paper litter and burned them in the gasifying stove for disposal.

For turds on the ground with no TP (blown away) I used my beloved pick mattock to dig an adjacent hole for burial.

The latter operation was going well until I saw Muffin making a beeline for a turdpile. By the time I got to her she’d already eaten a mouthful. (ugh). I pulled her away and moved her tie-out to a safer spot while I relo’ed and buried that pile.

THC in poop

It’s possible she snagged a bit of MJ from a discarded roach on a walk or something, but I suspect the ground-poop she ate was tained from a stoner’s edibles:

More than 65% of cannabis is excreted in the feces… THC metabolite 11-OH-THC is the predominant form in feces - NIH

… 11-hydroxy-THC is the main active metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is formed in the body after Δ9-THC is consumed… levels of 11-hydroxy-THC are typically higher when eaten compared to inhalation… 11-hydroxy-THC is a partial agonist at the cannabinoid receptor CB1, but with significantly higher binding affinity… With respect to cAMP inhibition at CB1 it displays a similar efficacy to that of Δ9-THC… but a lower maximum response – wikipedia

the research that has been done {on 11-Hydroxy-THC] shows that it has powerful psychoactive effects, and similar physiological effects to THC. – hellomd

Marijuana is legal in New Mexico and I have no problem with that. Please don’t leave THC remnants around, including your poop. The play is at first base (dig a cathole and bury it).