update on H20 Wireless as a backup data service

I mentioned before that I picked up an an unlocked Moto Edge to run H2O Wireless (AT&T MVNO) as a backup.

My main connection is a $25 “unlimited” plan from Visible that runs in the LTE router; the external ants give me reach to towers in the boondocks that a handheld phone cannot. But when I am walking around I need something that can make calls and handle a tiny amount of data: Google voice messages, gmail syncing, etc.

Since the Edge only needs to use its own data when away from the van (hikes, dog walks) and I do any updates and D/L’s on public wifi the H20 plan is only 1GB/month. Is this ludicrous?

Reality check: the H20 SIM has been active for two weeks, and I have been averaging 2.78MB/day according to the phone. So in a 30-day month I could expect to go through 83MB, which is certainly less than 1GB. I have observed no areas of no service since popping the SIM in on the 17th. Including in BFE between Capitan and SFE.