finshed cleanout, planning short relo

spring cleaning complete

I finished spring cleaning. Found some stuff I thought I’d lost, but couldn’t find a few things I thought I owned.

SAE port

I am not a big fan of SAE ports, but I think that’s how I’m going to jack the portables into the side of the van. I found the weatherproof SAE port I bought in 2022 for that purpose but didn’t ever use.

It is often said that SAE connections can’t be trusted >10A, but since my 2x 100w portables will be in series it should never see >7A.

I couldn’t find the MC4-to-SAE adapter I bought in 2021 so I rebought that. Pretty sure I gave it to someone who needed the adapter to charge their Magic Box off standard panels.

short relo

I will be moving the minimum distance I can (far side of Capitan) when my time is up tomorrow. I have another General Delivery coming (H2O Wireless Sim) and an amazon lockery delivery.

So I finish out April in ~Capitan then off to ABQ I think.


I bought a mirrormount dashcam in 2017 and beat it up and left it in crushing heat until it died around 2020. I’ve been using phone apps for recording since then.

But one of the things I liked about the cam was an integrated backup cam. The 159” PM is a long boi (as the kids say) and I can’t really see what’s back there. So I almost always back into spots. The problem occurs when stealth camping in cities and people box me in on both ends. A backup cam makes that a non-issue. I had it aimed so that it cuts off about 1ft from the rear bumper; if the object goes out of frame I am out of space.

So the dashcam died but the rear cam has been hanging out there [on the third brakelight]

I ran across a good deal on another lower-end dashcam with rear cam and it came in. I plugged it into the existing rearview cam and it worked fine. An upside to Chinese product cloning approaches.

In the interim I had destroyed the short extension I neede for the last few feet so I reordred that as well. Everything should be in place by the time I am in a city again.