spring cleaning

I’m at a developed BLM campsite in NM that has trash pickup, pit toilet, picnic tables, etc. Rare treat! I try to stop here on the way north in the spring and again on the way south in the fall. Weather and logistics don’t often coopoerate but at least 1x/year is usually doable.


Access to space, tables, and trash makes it particularly amenable to doing a van cleanout. I start at one end and work my way down:

  1. take everything out that’s not bolted down
  2. clean what I will keep and put it in the correct spot
  3. collect things to donate to goodwill or other campers
  4. burn or toss what I will not keep or donate


I get overwhelmed by large projects so I typically spend a couple hours on a discrete section each day. Then I rest and regroup.

Today I did three food bins + bulk staples like rice, beans, flour, etc. Since I was working with beans I made a batch of red beans for dinner. Will make some hotwater cornbread tomorrow to eat with the leftovers.

I’m probably 65% done. I started late but should be complete by time I leave here.