2023 vanlife in review

This year was more tumultuous than usual. A couple things were literal once in a lifetime events.

the good

I replaced the perpetually-wonky EpEver 50A with a 45A Victron.

In March I started experimenting with all-electric cooking, including with an Amazon open box instant pot.

From April to December I was able to adhere to the new downsized snowbirding loop. I would have continue but some very bad news came in (see below) and I had to deviate.

I spent most of the summer in Santa Fe or Los Alamos. July was at 10,000ft in the ski lodge outside of Santa Fe.

The Pi4-based MythTV box continues to kick butt.

the bad

I had to buy two new tires but the new all-terrains have worked wonderfully. Haven’t been stuck, or anything like stuck.

I resumed solo travel, having learned I am unable to maintain a relationship like a Normal Person, even with conscious effort. I’m a trainwreck but at least I know it.

A mouse chewed my engine wiring, but it was at least temporarily field-repairable. I suspect the repair is failing or something else was affected because I am getting occasional hard starts now and some off-idle roughness. I suspect I’ll have to put it in the shop in ELP.

the really bad

Both of my parents were put in hospice in October. My mother died soon thereafter. My dad hung on until December and I was able to help with his home hospice for his last two weeks. The experience prepared me for his passing, and also helped me see him more clearly as a man.


I have V.A. appointments in El Paso that will require me to leave NE Texas by around Jan 5. In the meantime I will be staged at 14d county camping around Lake Holbrook.

My plan will be to stage in ELP for winter then resume the reduced circuit as it warms.


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