El Paso appointment 1 of 4: drivers license

Appointment 1/4: renew Tx Drivers License

to renew online or not

  1. I got a letter saying I had to appear in person to renew the license, and to make an appointment at a DPS office. Fine.
  2. I logged in to make an appointment and it said I could renew online, would I rather do that? Sure.
  3. I followed the link and it said no, you can’t renew online after all
  4. I restarted the process and arranged for the appointment

The appointment info said I needed

  • proof of vehicle registration
  • proof of insurance
  • proof of citizenship or legal right to be in the US

I stopped at a library and printed off the first two since I am paperless in the van. Neither were actually needed.

The latter requirement was a bit obnoxious since my existing Texas DL is “Real ID” compliant:

The person applying for an identification document must provide documentation of the person’s full name, date of birth, and residential address; a Social Security number or documentation that the person is not eligible for one; and documentation that the person is a U.S. national or a foreign national legally present in the United States.

So their own ID is insufficient. I brought in my passport card to meet that requirement, and it was actually used.

The appointment info did not say I needed a DD214 to get the VETERAN imprimateur. My VA ID was not acceptable, even though it specifies service connected. Luckily, before the end of my time at the window I remembered my Tx LTC shows VETERAN and that was sufficient.

next appt

The next appt is blood labs at the VA on the 16th. It requires fasting so I scheduled it for 7am to minimize my hunger. Black coffee is allowed, thank doG.