the doctor was right, Amazon vs eBay, found a used 45A controller

MRI results

The primary physician hasn’t read them yet (or hasn’t contacted me about it), but the radiology reports from all three MRI are posted on the VA webportal. My layman’s reading of the reports is that the doctor was right: there really are separate issues in the neck and lower back causing my symptoms.1 I am very happy to have been wrong.

The brain itself is clear. I have posted a pic to show, contrary to other evidence, that there is something vaguely brainlike in my skull. Sorry for the thumbnail-like quality. I don’t know how to run the software yet.

The absence of brain or CNS degradation means life can continue as normal. If surgery is required for the spine at some point I can schedule that when convenient. The only downside is pain, but I can deal with that better than something gone haywire between the ears.

The overall symptoms and timeline also lined up with increased cranial pressure or Multiple Sclerosis. Either of those would have required changes in plan.

Amazon vs eBay

Amazon finally shipped the controller I had ordered. While I was reviewing the order I noticed I failed to select the free shipping on the voltage sense unit, which means I got dinged an unnecessary $6.99 on that. Grrr!! What kind of company relies on tricks to bill customers for things they don’t want? Columbia Records and Tapes Club2, and Amazon.

found a 45A controller

This miffed me enough I went on eBay to see if my first choice, a used 150|45 was available. There was one up for auction, ending in 3 hours. . I sniped the same amount as what I spent on the 100|50 but got it for a bit less.

Controller Amazon new Amazon open box eBay open box
100|50 $321 $247.35 n/a
150|45 $382 n/a $228.55

I ordered the 45A last night and it shipped this morning. The 50A and voltage sensor should arrive first, but who knows with Amazon. I will install the sense unit and keep the 50A until the 45A is installed and confirmed good, at which point the 50A will be returned unopened by me.

More expensive controller for less and out the door faster? Yes, please. Amazon you are on notice.

Victron’s take on the setup

I plugged in my panel setup (as close as possible)3 into their MPPT calculator, which suggested the 150|45. It also said the overpaneling ratio was:

PV power ratio 	125% (oversized) 

Working backwards they must be using 14.4v for this calculation. I typically use 13v which results in a figure of 28.2% overpaneled. IMO both of these figures are in an optimal range for my use case.


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  1. or a least most of them 

  2. ask your parents 

  3. the closest was 270w 24v panels. Mine are 250w 20v nominal.